Lund Municipality

Overall description of the stakeholder

Lund Municipality is a municipality in Skåne County, in southern Sweden. It is located in the city of Lund. As most municipalities in Sweden, the territory of Lund Municipality consists of a lot of former local government units, which were united in a series of amalgamations. Lund is a fantastic blend of a modern city full of innovations and a thousand years of culture and history. With 118,542 inhabitants, covering an area of 9 km2, Lund is a charming city that combines ancient with modern. It is home of world-leading research and top international companies.



Activities in the field of climate action

  • According to law, the municipalities are responsible for: Childcare and pre-school, Primary and secondary schools, Social service, Elderly care, Support to people with disabilities, Health and environmental issues, Emergency services (not policing, which is the responsibility of the central government), Urban planning, as well as Sanitation (waste, sewage)