Korea Climate & Environment Network

Overall description of the stakeholder

Korea Climate & Environment Network is a ‘governance’ organization composed of the government, civic groups, and companies. To solve various issues relating to climate change and environment, we are developing campaigns to practice nationwide.

Launched as ‘Green Start Network’ in 2008, it was changed to ‘Korea Climate & Environment Network’ in March 2014.

  • Exercise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through govermance.
  • Movement for complying with the basic rules and spreading to establisk a culture of low-carbon eco-friendly life.


Activities in the field of climate action

  • Pledge movement to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Training a Greenleader
  • Development of various practical exercises

          01. Weekly event of climate change (April)

          02. Greenhouse gas detection Event (semi-annual)

          03. Campaign for creating low-carbon eco-friendly trip (July~August)

          04. Campaign for creating low-carbon eco-friendly national holidays

          05. KCEN national convention (the second half of the year)