Climate Actions

The EU-Korea Climate Action project aims at amplifying the scope of non-state stakeholders to
take effective climate action. The project focuses on climate actions in the fields of:

  • energy generation and consumption
  • transportation
  • buildings
  • production and consumption of goods
  • business practices

In this website section, European and Korean non-state actors who sign up to the platform and
become members, have the opportunity to feature their case studies and best practices in the above fields.

SK broadband, Electricity saving projects in Internet Data Center and in communications equipment of internet subscribers
Korea South-East Power, Large scale investments to reduce GHG
ISU CHEMICAL, Reduction project making the best use of regional characteristics and external resources
TaeguTec, Development of FEMS both to save energy and to use it as communication and decision-making tool
Energy Future Created by Citizens – ‘Energy Design 3040’
Energy Zero, a ‘profitable and sustainable’ housing complex