Call for Proposals: from the EU-Korea Climate Action Project for Pilot Projects in the area of Energy
Supported Actions: European-Korean Joint Research and Pilot Projects
Thematic Priorities: Renewable Energy; Energy-Efficient Buildings
Location: Republic of Korea (Korea)
Eligible Partners: Climate Partnerships composed of at least one European and
one Korean entity from any of the following categories: government authorities at
the sub-national level, NGOs and CSOs, business intermediaries, SMEs, research
institutes and academia.
Application Timeline: From 11 September 2019 until the available funding envelope is exhausted
Funding per Project:: Up to EUR 20,000

Total Funding available under the call: EUR 300,000

Registration with the EU-Korea Climate Action website is necessary in order to
access and download the call documents. The registration is a simple, fast and free
of charge process that provides users with exclusive information such as proposal
guidelines and application forms, and allows them to publish their own case-
studies, view stakeholders’ profiles and best practices for wider dissemination.




Climate Actions
SK broadband, Electricity saving projects in Internet Data Center and in communications equipment of internet subscribers
Korea South-East Power, Large scale investments to reduce GHG
ISU CHEMICAL, Reduction project making the best use of regional characteristics and external resources
TaeguTec, Development of FEMS both to save energy and to use it as communication and decision-making tool
Energy Future Created by Citizens – ‘Energy Design 3040’
Energy Zero, a ‘profitable and sustainable’ housing complex
Education Program on Climate Change Tailored to Regional Dynamics
Ecomobility World Festival in Suwon
Citizens First: Making the City Walkable
Energy Prosumers Innovate Solar Power
Reducing emissions in Urban Freight
Advocating for Coal Phase-out and Fair Energy Governance
Converting Waste and Landfill Gas into Energy
ICT-based measures to cope with extreme temperatures
Carbon-neutral Passenger Ferry
Annual Energy Week in Zagreb mobilizes Climate Action
100% Renewable Energy is Reality Today
National NGO mobilizes Citizens on Climate Change
Taking Responsibility: Towards Fossil Fuel Free Operations
Green Korea United
Korea Climate & Environment Network
Suwon City Government
International Climate and Environment Center
World Wild Fund (WWF)
Lund Municipality
The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform
Municipality of Almada
Bucheon City Government
Ansan Citizens’ Solar Energy Co-op
Jeonju Council for Sustainable Development
Solutions For Our Climate
Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corp.
City of Essen
City of Paris
The Climate Action Team held Business Breakfast Meeting Supporting the Achievement of Korea’s RE 3020 Target in the Offshore Wind Sector´, on 25 Oct 2019, at Intercontinental Hotel Seoul COEX
The EU-Korea Climate Action Project jointly held the Zero Energy Building Convergence Alliance Forum with the Korea Energy Agency
The EU-Korea Climate Action Project participated in the International Conference on Coal Phase-out and Climate Action
Call for Proposals from the EU-Korea Climate Action Project for Pilot Projects in the area of Energy
Event Summary: Plastic Waste Management Workshop