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  • Graduation ceremony for the Youth Frontier on 4 March 2021

On 4 March, 2021, the "Second Youth Frontier for Energy Transition" (hereinafter "Youth Frontier"), co-organized by the EU-Korea Climate Action Project and the Energy Transition Forum, held a solutions workshop and graduation ceremony which marked the successful completion  of its 2-month journey. The Youth Frontier was held in form of  online and offline formats to comply with social distancing rules under the COVID-19 situation.

After two weeks of trainings covering the EU and Korea’s energy and Green New Deal policies, 34 young Koreans learned about the status and key challenges of energy transition in Korea and Europe.  The participants visited renewable energy sites, learned about the problems related to renewable energy, and met with key stakeholders to find possible solutions. The young Koreans presented their solutions during a workshop at the graduation ceremony.

Won-young Yang-yi, a parliamentary member of the Democratic Party, joined the event and expressed her joy to see that participants have learned about diverse opinions of society on the important topic of energy transition while keeping an open mind. She pointed out that Korea´s renewable energy share is only about 6% compared to the OECD´s average of 30%, and emphasized the important role of young Koreans in actively promoting energy transition in Korea as they will become the generation directly affected by climate change in the near future.

John Bogaerts, Head of the Political, Press and Inforamtion Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the RoK

John Bogaerts, Head of the Political, Press and Information Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, also participated in the event and delivered congratulatory remarks on the successful closing of the program. Having stressed that young Koreans can be powerful drivers of change to help solve the climate crisis, he encouraged the participants to become actively in the green energy transition in the future. 

After the opening and congratulatory remarks, the Youth Frontier participants presented their solutions in seven groups to key problems related to Korea’s energy transition that they had identified during the program as below.

-    Communication problems in rural areas on development of large-scale solar power projects
-    Renewable energy projects led by local residents
-    Improving the building energy efficiency and green remodeling 
-    Coal phase-out and Just Transition
-    Power market system reformation

Group Presentation on Energy Transition Solutions

A commonly identified problem by the participants was the low level of local acceptance and understanding of renewable energy. To solve this problem, the participants suggested establishing an intermediary procedure between government, businesses and local community to collect different opinions and smoothly resolve conflicts between key stakeholders. For example, one of the groups suggested establishing a local energy center to enhance community’s acceptance of large-scale solar power projects, to ensure implementation of agreements between businesses and communities, provide education, conduct surveys and improve local people’s awareness about renewable energy. Another group proposed the establishment of an independent institution implementing large-scale renewable projects to deliver Korea’s Renewable Portfolio Standards targets. 

During the graduation and award ceremony, all seven participant groups were awarded for their successful completion of the program. Eight outstanding participants who received the most votes from their fellow teammates were also awarded individually for their active participation and enthusiasm. 

The sketch video and interviews are available on the website under the 'Resources'