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  • Signing Ceremony for the EU-KO Cooperation Project on Local Energy Transition on 19 January 2021

On 19 January 2021, EU-Korea Climate Action team held the signing ceremony for the 2021 EU-Korea Cooperation Project on Local Energy Transition with Daedeok District Government and Daejeon Energy Transition Network. This cooperation project includes research on EU cases to improve public acceptance and energy transition at local level, and the development of Daedeok’s Energy Transition Roadmap based on EU cases. 

The ceremony was performed in Daejeon. The opening remarks was delivered by John Bogaerts, Deputy Head of EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea, followed by Jeong-hyeon Park, District Mayor of Daedeok District Government, Joachim Eissler, Team Leader of EU-Korea Climate Action, and Eun-Jeong Kim, President of Daejeon Energy Transition Network. John Bogaerts emphasized that local authorities play a key role in phasing out coal, boosting renewable energy and decentralized energy systems. He also pointed out that they can greatly accelerate energy transition since they are responsible for transport and land use planning, as well as proximity to key stakeholders. 

The agreement was signed by the EU-Korea Climate Action Project, Daedeok District Government, and Daegeon Energy Transition Network, and each organization’s responsibility is as follows:

  • The EU-Korea Climate Action : program design and management, invitation of EU experts and financial support;
  • The Daejeon Energy Transition Network: program design and management, research, case study development, and event organization;
  • The Daedeok District Government: program design, administration support, event support, and development of policies and pilot projects